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To the left you will see a message from Harlan Morton Fisher--it begins by talking about the family lines he worked on, but can be applied to all our lines.

"If he fails to carry the work along to completion, take up the work and finish it. There will never be as much data secured by 1 person again. He has more clues and intends to follow them to a finish, but he has little aid in the work from some that of right ought, it seems, to be thoroughly interested. The work is for posterity not for $."

If you read this quote and feel to carry on this great work, please apply for an account and contribute. For the rest, we want all this information to be available easily and in one place.


This website contains all the pictures, documents, and histories gathered over many years by Edith Helen Purdy (Steele Huff). She has worked to collect these items for most of her life.

As her grand-daughter, I have assisted her for over 20 years. I helped her input all the information into a computerized genealogy program, and through the years I have also done some research and added documentation. However, the bulk of the research was done by her or those she hired to create this wonderful and thorough record of our ancestors.

Includes Steele, Smith, Outhouse, DeBow, Sackett, Stevens, Mustard Adams, Purdy, McGowan, Johnson, Godfrey, Bliss, Totman, Fisher and Phillips lines.

Check out the collection by type (on the left navigation) or click on the family tree (Steele or Purdy) on the top left.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.